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Wholesale Gelato or Retail Gelato?

We’ve got you covered!


wholesale gelato

Looking for a supplier of premium gelato? Choose from a huge selection of mind-blowing flavors that are available to you in a variety of sizes, from single servings to 5 liter containers. You’ll join the many fine small and large establishments that purchase Leo Leo Gelato’s artisan gelato and sorbetto.


retail gelato

Hankering for a scoop, pint or 5 liter container of Leo Leo Gelato from your local shop or grocer? You’re in luck, we are putting together a list of gelato retailers for you. If you have a shop in mind that you’d like to carry our gelato and sorbetto, let us know and we’ll reach out to them.



Dedicated to quality.

Confirmed! Gelato is lower in fat and healthier than ice cream.

Leo Leo’s refined gelato and sorbetto are healthier alternatives to ice cream as they do not contain artificial colors, flavors, corn syrup or other unhealthy additives.  We are committed to using the highest quality natural and locally grown ingredients, that surpasses even well known gelato brands with its nutritional excellence. Did we mention that we also use milk and cream from local dairies where the cows are hormone free! Lower in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium than most commercially produced brands, Leo Leo Gelato provides a healthier alternative while delivering a beautiful presentation, creamy texture, and intense natural flavor.

You also have a choice of flavors that are fat free, gluten free and dairy free!


select from 4 sizes

Wholesale Food Service.


Wholesale Leo Leo Gelato offers all of our delicious artisan Gelato and Sorbetto flavors in multiple sizes to wholesale customers in California, Nevada, Utah, Texas and beyond.

Our wholesale program includes 5 Liter Pans, 4 Liter Pans, Pints or 8 ounce single servings.

5 liter gelato pan decorated vertical.jpg

5 Liter Pans

The 5 liter Pans arrive to your location either Decorated or Non Decorated. They are ideal for gelato retail stores, restaurants, hotels, casinos, events, etc. that have large capacity requirements.

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4 Liter Pans

The 4 Liter Pans come without decorations and are ideal for customers who require this unique size of gelato pan.

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Our Pints are perfect for your customers to pull from the shelves of your grocery store, mini markets etc. Freshly packaged pints branded with the Leo Leo Gelato name will stand out in your commercial freezer case. When stacked in multiples, the clear packaging that allows your customers to see the beautiful gelato within are especially eye-catching and visually festive. The packaging was designed to entice your customers to select it, take it home and enjoy.

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8 Ounce Containers

Freshly packed 8 ounce containers are perfect for wineries, travel centers, gas stations, markets and hotels who want to serve individuals straight from their freezers.

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Delivery right to your door.