Increase Profits with Leo Leo Gelato

Leo Leo Gelato is a family owned company that specializes in providing complete start-up packages to help you develop a successful gelato program for your business. Owner and operator, Niccoló Lekai, is of Florentine decent (where gelato was first made in the 1500’s!) and has years of experience in crafting artisan gelato and supplying premium gelato display cases to help you maximize your return on your investment.


Beat the Competition

Stay ahead of your gelato competitors by using our trending, AUTHENTIC, artisanal gelato and sorbetto products.

You are set up for success when you partner with Leo Leo Gelato with over 50 year-round flavors available and over 20 seasonal flavors available during the different seasons,

Quality Equipment

As a major importer of products for gelato, you receive the highest quality gelato equipment at a competitive price. Let us set you up with a showcase that best suits the needs of your business.

We know that you are more successful when your gelato is stored at the right temperature that keeps it fresh and creamy. Accordingly, our partnership with you starts with the purchase of equipment and continues with quality support to maintain them. In fact our gelato competitor’s customers depend on us to assist them when their equipment malfunctions.

Best Support and Service

Leo Leo Gelato has a track record of excellence since 2010. You receive top quality service, marketing material (free flavor tags are included) and training on how to promote gelato, proper scooping techniques, gelato decoration and help in maintaining your gelato cases.

Increased Profits

Our highly profitable economic model is based on the cost per pan of Leo Leo Gelato. (Pricing may vary.)