Hooray! Most of our artisan gelato is gluten-free as our gelato base is not made with any ingredients containing gluten. This means that individuals suffering gluten sensitivity can enjoy most of our yummy Leo Leo gelato unless a specific flavor, sauce, or other ingredient made with gluten is added in gelato flavors such as cookies ‘n cream, Firestone beer chocolate, S’more and Guinness Chocolate.

dairy-free sorbet

Nearly all of our sorbet flavors are dairy-free which makes it friendly to lactose-intolerant or dairy sensitive individuals. Instead, American sherbert usually contains dairy, gelatin or egg whites, making it off limits to folks needing to avoid dairy products. We are pleased to say that the majority of our Leo Leo sorbet flavors are gluten-free as well.



We give thanks to the Italians and their Mediterranean diet for inventing gelato and sorbet (sorbetto, in Italian). The Mediterranean diet is a modern nutritional recommendation originally inspired by their traditional dietary patterns including moderate consumption of dairy products and a proportionally high consumption of fruit.

So you have every reason to rejoice and fully enjoy a tasty Leo Leo dessert even if you are lactose-intolerant, dairy-sensitive, or have gluten sensitivity. Please feel free to contact Leo Leo Gelato by email or phone for a list of these scrumptious options before assuming a particular flavor is gluten or dairy-free.

Here’s to healthier eating, happy taste buds and feeling great!