4 Reasons Why Gelato is Sexier than Ice Cream

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Retro is all the rage. You can’t shake a stick without hitting a wax mustachioed mixologist who pickles veggies “for fun.” If what’s old is truly new again, then that modern, mass produced ice cream whipped with mostly air and nasty fillers is straight up cramping your style, OK? Gelato, which dates back to 3000 BC, is as old school as it gets, sonny. Leo Leo Gelato doesn’t just harken back to the olden days when quality ruled—it’s also delicious to the max. This, along with the following four reasons, proves exactly why gelato is sexier than ice cream. Mark my words. You will become a gelato snob quicker than you can say “locally sourced quinoa.”

1. It’s Craft

We’ve all heard of craft beer, craft cocktails, and craft coffee, right? Now, consider your frozen food section of the grocery store. Not much in the way of hand crafted, authentic fare, huh? Proudly producedin Paso Robles, Leo Leo Gelato is made in small batches with epic ingredients like fresh fruit, and exotic spices, and quality chocolate…and it’s always mixed cold, the old fashioned way. That means bright, zingy flavors that cut straight to your tastebuds and rock your senses (blackberry cheesecake, anyone?). Click here to see a luscious lineup of local flavors…and trust me, there are more than a few artisinal flavor mashups you just have to taste to believe.

2. Beer for Breakfast

Leo Leo Gelato wants you to have your beer and eat it too! No, you haven’t died and gone to beer heaven…Leo Leo has recently teamed up with SLO Brewing Co. to create a coveted selection of hoppy, nutty, sour, and fruity beer combinations like Sculpin Grapefruit beer mixed with grapefruit gelato, Firestone Brewing Co. stout mixed with roasted, nutty flavors, and sour brews imbued with berrylicious allure. Check here for updates and be the first on your block to get your hands on some killer ice cream beer this May!

3. It’s Local

Paso Robles may be the land of award winning wines, but those vivacious vines could never overshadow the community’s stellar epicurean community. From olive and walnut oil to fabulous boutiques and cuisine, Paso Robles locals have a way of coloring outside the lines with delicious results. Leo Leo Gelato is the perfect example of this adventurous spirit. Owner Niccolo Lekai started the biz after enjoying gelato in Italy as a kid and learning from a tried-and-true master gelatier as a young man. You know what they say: Be the dessert you wish to see in the world.

4. It’s Great for Gluten and Dairy Free Folks

Next dinner party, end your night of foodie fun with a dessert that everyone can enjoy (and digest!) Leo Leo Gelato uses a gluten free base for all of their creations (some flavors include ingredients with gluten, others do not), and nearly all of their sorbet flavors are dairy free. Did you know that American sherbet usually contains dairy, gelatin or egg whites? Toss that boring tub and spring for a local favorite with less than half the fat of ice cream. As Niccolo likes to say, “Here’s to healthier eating, happy taste buds and feeling great!” I’ll clink spoons to that!

This blog was written by Hayley Thomas, food and wine writer for PasoRoblesWineries.net.

Lauren Lekai