flavors for Leo Leo Gelato Paso Robles

Wholesale Leo Leo Gelato offers all of our delicious artisan Gelato and Sorbetto flavors in multiple sizes to wholesale customers in Las Vegas, San Diego, Irvine, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Bend Oregon, Portland Oregon, St George Utah and beyond:

  • Standard five-liter pans: These larger pans are ideal for gelato retail stores, restaurants, hotels, casinos, events, etc., that have large capacity requirements. There are two options for the five-liter pans:
  1. Decorated Pans – We offer five-liter pans delivered with raised lids that protect our beautifully hand-decorated gelato and sorbetto.  Historically this option generates higher sales and profits for our clients. Decorated pans of gelato are ideal for glass freezer cases and let your patrons feast the flavor offerings with their eyes first. As master gelatiers, we use a special Italian technique to spoon the gelato and sorbetto into the pans so that it has a wonderful artisanal appearance. Then the gelato and sorbetto pans are hand-decorated with natural ingredients. We believe that visual presentation is as much a part of the dining experience as the taste of the dessert itself!
  2. Flat Pans – This option consists of five-liter pans filled with our gelato or sorbetto that is smoothed out and fitted with a lid that is flush with the top of the pan allowing for compact stacking in freezers. This option is ideal for restaurants, hotels, etc. who must be mindful of freezer space.
  • Individual servings and eight-ounce containers
  • One-pint containers: Freshly packaged pints branded with the Leo Leo Gelato name will stand out in your commercial freezer case. When stacked in multiples, the orange striped containers are especially eye-catching and visually festive. The packaging was designed to entice your customers to select it, take it home and enjoy.
  • One-quart containers: See-through plastic containers that are perfect for sharing and scooping for gatherings.

We also offer delivery services for our products so you have the peace of mind that it will arrive when needed and to insure the gelato is kept at the right temperature while in transit. Since we are based out of the Central Coast in California, we personally deliver our products anywhere in Northern or Southern California, Las Vegas and Utah. We also have the ability to deliver to a distribution center as needed as we are doing for Portland and Bend Oregon deliveries. For delivery options, pricing or more information, please contact us.