4 Reasons Why Gelato is Sexier than Ice Cream

Retro is all the rage. You can’t shake a stick without hitting a wax mustachioed mixologist who pickles veggies “for fun.” If what’s old is truly new again, then that modern, mass produced ice cream whipped with mostly air and nasty fillers is straight up cramping your style, OK? Gelato, which dates back to 3000 […]

Leo Leo Gelato Baby Spring Lamb

A wobbly one day old lamb explores the rangeland and discovers artisan made Leo Leo Gelato! Leo Leo Gelato’s Niccolo, is the master gelatier from Paso Robles, CA. His specialty gelato and sorbetto is available Nationwide and distributed to the finest retail gelato stores, as well as restaurants and hotels. This video was filmed at […]

Wolfgang Puck Catering Selects Leo Leo Gelato for 2013 Breeders’ Cup Event

“Thank you very much, your product (gelato and sorbetto) looks awesome and tastes spectacular, we are very much impressed…..” Wolfgang Puck Catering And we thank you Wolfgang Puck Catering for your kind words! We are honored to have our decorated gelato and sorbetto included at the Santa Anita Park  2013 Breeders’ Cup, the premier event […]

Visions of Woodstock Festival at Castoro Cellars – Beaverstock!

Castoro put on an awesome, mighty fine music festival labor day weekend marking their 30 years of Damn Fine Wine. Leo Leo Gelato and crew had a great time. On everyone’s lips, will Castoro brave a second Beaverstock music festival in 2014? Below are the 3 amigos groovin’ to the music and the flavors of […]