4 Reasons Why Gelato is Sexier than Ice Cream

Retro is all the rage. You can’t shake a stick without hitting a wax mustachioed mixologist who pickles veggies “for fun.” If what’s old is truly new again, then that modern, mass produced ice cream whipped with mostly air and nasty fillers is straight up cramping your style, OK? Gelato, which dates back to 3000 […]

LA Weekly Magazine Finds Leo Leo Beer Combination Gelato “Unstoppable”

Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest May 31, 2014 “…it was the beer gelato from Leo Leo Gelato that we liked the most.” (Woohoo!) ” Ten flavors of gelato substituted popular beers for water, often with a fruit puree. Russian River’s Supplication with cherry, and their Blind Pig with grapefruit, were unstoppable combinations.” (That’s how we roll! Thank you […]