• Missoni, the iconic Italian designer – “The gelato was a hit. We received many compliments on how delicious and authentic the gelato was, just like in Italy.” August 2014
  • Missoni, the iconic Italian designer – “Everyone loved the gelato! I certainly had a few “testers” and my favorite was pistachio and chile chocolate.” August 2014
  • Recently I had your double DBA Gelato at a Firestone brewery tour.  It was amazing.  Where can I find this product, or…any of your other flavors in Orange County, CA?  Thanks, and good work. Yum.
  • Wolfgang Puck Catering – Thank you very much, your product (gelato and sorbetto) looks awesome and tastes spectacular, we are very much impressed… (Leo Leo Gelato hired by Wolfgang Puck Catering for 2013 Breeders’ Cup Event at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles, California).
  • If heaven and Italy had a baby together, it would be called Leo Leo Gelato! By far the best gelato I have ever tasted- worth every penny :) Each flavor is very unique, yet equally tasty – Sarah H
  • The gelato is absolutely amazing, one of the best I have had!!! (and that’s saying a lot because I am extremely picky.) I’ve only tried a few flavors and they have all been really good, can’t wait to try the rest. If you haven’t tried it,you are definitely missing out! Get yourself some Leo Leo Gelato!!!! – Pavan K
  • This gelato is delicious! By far the best I’ve had, and I’ve had a LOT of gelato. I highly recommend trying Leo Leo if you haven’t yet. It’s a wonderful treat! – Erica D
  • I am currently eating Leo Leo Gelato, chocolate to be exact, and the beautiful flavors and creaminess are absolutely exquisite! I will definitely be back for more – Ariana D
  • Just had Leo Leo Gelato again at a La Vigna winery event yesterday. Fabulous!!!! We talked about how the amazing “genuine” flavors travel over the palate like a very fine wine. Every flavor I tried was the absolute best I have ever had…even better than those that we enjoyed in Italy!!! If you ever have the chance to try this gelato, I highly recommend – Carolyn W
  • I LOVE this gelato!! You have to try the strawberry sorbetto and the sea salt caramel! – Meena K
  • Leo Leo is absolutely delicious gelato. The flavors are so good. I really enjoy the chocolate and also the honey lavender. They always do such a nice job with the presentation, too. This gelato is top notch! – Dina M
  • I had this gelato the other day and it was as amazing as people had mentioned it to be! I felt like I was right there in a piazza in Italy. Such wonderful flavors and so creamy and delicious. – BreAnna M
  • We’re not big on sweets but do know good gelato when we taste it, my husband being Italian~ We loved the sea salt and caramel because it was not too sweet! – Angela D (Yup, it’s the real deal.)


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