Deep-fried isn’t the only dining option at the Mid-State Fair – The Tribune Article

Yesterday “The Tribune” printed an article about lighter and healthier indulgences at the fair including the smart recommendation to enjoy Leo Leo Gelato. You can have your ice cream and eat it too!

Yes, Leo Leo Gelato is Italian ice cream which makes it far lower in fat than American ice cream and delivers more intense flavors (high fat coats the palate and blocks flavors from taste buds). The use of premium ingredients adds to the robust flavor experience.

Fruit sorbetto is also being offered at the fair with zero fat and gluten free (most gelato flavors are also gluten free)!

So indulge, there is something wonderful waiting for you at the fair, Leo Leo Gelato and Sorbetto!

Photo: Leo Leo Gelato in the SLO Tribune Dining Out at the Mid State Fair!!


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