Curious Kinkajou finds Leo Leo Gelato

Curious Kinkajou finds Leo Leo Gelato from Niccolo on Vimeo. This furry Kinkajou (also known as the Honey Bear) loves the sweet, creamy artisan flavors of Leo Leo Gelato! Many thanks to our friends at Conservation Ambassadors in Paso Robles, CA, for introducing us to the Kinkajou. Conservation Ambassadors helps to rehabilitate and give permanent […]

Zoo to You Raccoon Gets a Taste of Leo Leo Gelato

Raccoon Gets a Taste of Leo Leo Gelato from Niccolo on Vimeo. Even raccoons can’t resist the sweet, creamy flavors of Leo Leo Gelato! Thanks to our friends at Conservation Ambassadors, Paso Robles, CA for setting up this meet and greet with their raccoon. Conservation Ambassadors helps to rehabilitate and give permanent homes to abused, […]

4 Reasons Why Gelato is Sexier than Ice Cream

Retro is all the rage. You can’t shake a stick without hitting a wax mustachioed mixologist who pickles veggies “for fun.” If what’s old is truly new again, then that modern, mass produced ice cream whipped with mostly air and nasty fillers is straight up cramping your style, OK? Gelato, which dates back to 3000 […]

Leo Leo Gelato Baby Spring Lamb

A wobbly one day old lamb explores the rangeland and discovers artisan made Leo Leo Gelato! Leo Leo Gelato’s Niccolo, is the master gelatier from Paso Robles, CA. His specialty gelato and sorbetto is available Nationwide and distributed to the finest retail gelato stores, as well as restaurants and hotels. This video was filmed at […]

Our Condolences. Your Ice Cream Has Been Lying To You

They’re both cold, they’re both desserts, and they’re both pretty hard to resist on a summer afternoon. Yes, ice cream and gelato have a lot in common at first glance. But, as you are about to learn right now—they are, in fact, totally different beasts. Let’s hop in the Leo Leo Time Machine and go […]

Missoni Celebrates in Las Vegas with Gelato

Iconic Italian fashion designer, Missoni, celebrated their one year anniversary in Las Vegas with Leo Leo Gelato’s mobile cart. Customers and passersby were welcomed into the store to shop the fabulous Missoni designs and were pampered with scoops of gelato and champagne. Does it get any better than that? Comments from Missoni included, “The gelato […]

LA Weekly Magazine Finds Leo Leo Beer Combination Gelato “Unstoppable”

Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest May 31, 2014 “…it was the beer gelato from Leo Leo Gelato that we liked the most.” (Woohoo!) ” Ten flavors of gelato substituted popular beers for water, often with a fruit puree. Russian River’s Supplication with cherry, and their Blind Pig with grapefruit, were unstoppable combinations.” (That’s how we roll! Thank you […]

New Retail Gelato Store Features Leo Leo Gelato

Paso Robles has a NEW Gelato, Crepe and Frozen Yogurt store, Dolce Galleria, next to Subway in the Lowes Center off Highway 46 East. It has a welcoming atmosphere that is unique with its large array of rustic furniture and accessories that are also for sale. At the front of the store they have an […]

Wolfgang Puck Catering Selects Leo Leo Gelato for 2013 Breeders’ Cup Event

“Thank you very much, your product (gelato and sorbetto) looks awesome and tastes spectacular, we are very much impressed…..” Wolfgang Puck Catering And we thank you Wolfgang Puck Catering for your kind words! We are honored to have our decorated gelato and sorbetto included at the Santa Anita Park  2013 Breeders’ Cup, the premier event […]

Leo Leo Gelato Pints Go On European Tour

Gelato is the original ice cream; tastier, healthier (lower in fat). Bottom line it rocks, has worldwide fans, so we took Leo Leo Gelato on tour! Check out the fans! Leo Leo flew Swiss Air, and found it heavenly in business class with a wonderful crew. First stop was London, hello mate! We stayed at […]