We’ll Keep on Truckin’ Gelato in this Beauty. Watch out Las Vegas and California!

Our gelato is looking even finer in Las Vegas and California thanks to our new gelato wheels! Isn’t she a beauty? Honk if you see us on the road in California and Las Vegas.

Some trivia about our tag line “Seriously Italian Seriously Intense” ™ that appears on the side of our gelato wheels: not only does this aptly describe our gelato and sorbetto, it also embodies the essence of Ciro, our dear friend from Gaeta, Italy by way of Paso friends, Amanda and David.


Visions of Woodstock Festival at Castoro Cellars – Beaverstock!

Castoro put on an awesome, mighty fine music festival labor day weekend marking their 30 years of Damn Fine Wine.

Leo Leo Gelato and crew had a great time. On everyone’s lips, will Castoro brave a second Beaverstock music festival in 2014?

Below are the 3 amigos groovin’ to the music and the flavors of Leo Leo Gelato!

Thanks to All for a Fantastic Gourmet Mac and Cheese Festival at Le Vigne Winery!

Saturday, August 24, was the Paso Robles Gourmet Mac and Cheese Festival, a sold out venue, presented by American General Media Radio held at Le Vigne Winery in Paso Robles, CA.

We received a fantastic response from the attendees who showed great enthusiasm about Leo Leo Gelato (and sorbetto)…happily we were slammed all afternoon. Thank you to all!

And in case you were wondering, below are the winners of the competition for the best Mac and Cheese dish.

People’s Choice award:




Cork Dork Award:


Le Vigne Winery directions (for mobile device or desktop)



Amazing Chamisal Lobsterfest August 2 and 3

We had a blast dishing out Gelato and Sorbetto at the cracking-crustaceans-with-good-friends-and-outstanding-Chamisal-wine gathering held at the beautiful San Luis Obispo, California Chamisal Vineyards location. Not surprisingly this event was sold out for some time.

And yes, it was a smashing success.



Deep-fried isn’t the only dining option at the Mid-State Fair – The Tribune Article

Yesterday “The Tribune” printed an article about lighter and healthier indulgences at the fair including the smart recommendation to enjoy Leo Leo Gelato. You can have your ice cream and eat it too!

Yes, Leo Leo Gelato is Italian ice cream which makes it far lower in fat than American ice cream and delivers more intense flavors (high fat coats the palate and blocks flavors from taste buds). The use of premium ingredients adds to the robust flavor experience.

Fruit sorbetto is also being offered at the fair with zero fat and gluten free (most gelato flavors are also gluten free)!

So indulge, there is something wonderful waiting for you at the fair, Leo Leo Gelato and Sorbetto!

Photo: Leo Leo Gelato in the SLO Tribune Dining Out at the Mid State Fair!!